Tuesday, April 04, 2006

back from the dead

i have gotten the most fantastical package from my SP.

cecily (yay i know your name) i'm sorry i was such a pain in the ass but you really didnt have to worry too much about me because i LOVEEEEE everything you sent!!

since i dont have my camera (SAMMY JANEEEEEEE) you'll have to rely on words to express the beautiousness of it all.

books! YES!
stitch and bitch nation- holla, now i just need to pick one...

the shop on blossom street and p.s. i love you- both sound like sappy girly redemption stories- perfect for what i need right now.

chocolate from italy- which the only reason i havent eaten yet is because i just inhaled like 8 milanos and even *i* have some self control sometimes.

andean silk from knitpicks in black and cranberry
a skein of pure wool in a deep red wine-y color

two skeins of knitpicks shine in THE most amazing turquoise color ever- i'm already planning to knit a clutch out it for when i just want my bankcard keys and chapstick on me.

THANK YOU SO MUCH CECILY!! i bookmarked your journal. and you are fantastic and im so grateful!

like cecily said i havent written in a while. why? because i'm all over the place. i'm working two jobs (soon to be one though) and trying to do the whole adult thing. i dont really have time to write about it now (gotta clean up and then get ready for work...) but today has started out as an amazing day- i bought jason mraz tickets and then this gorgeous package showed up at my door. so no nasty customers or job related stress is going to bother me today. cause i said so.


Blogger cecily said...

I'm glad you liked everything. :)

9:41 AM  

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