Thursday, March 16, 2006


i am FINALLY in atlanta! i'm a little overwhelmed cause its like bam- BE A PERSON AGAIN LAUREN but its cool- i'll figure out how to do things like work or feed myself again soon enough.

things that need to be addressed-

1. my amazing secret pal!!! as soon as i have free time tomorrow i'll snap some shots of the awesome packages i got to properly express my thanks! (also in related news i am the shittiest secret pal ever- i only sent out once and i left what was supposed to be my second package in NY... scramble to any atlanta yarn store i can find here i come)

2. i am wasting my st. patrick's day away. whyyyyyyy do i not have any friends here who can accompany me on a shitshow fest tomorrow night?! why couldnt i be established with fun aquaintances by the time of this holiday o' liquor??

3. do you know how unattractive it is to have a swollen nostril due to ripping your nose ring out violently by mistake in the shower? i do. and so does anyone else who looks at me.

4. would it be wrong if i ran down the halls of my aunt's job and stole the things off the walls? (she works at cartoon network) dear GOD they have some cool ass shit in that joint. anyone ever been and feel the urge to play supermarket sweep and steal their toys and pictures too?

but wish me luck on my upcoming search for a job- i asked for an application today and apparently they dont even GIVE THEM OUT unless you come between mon-thurs 2-5. i went to like 5 places and thats what they all said. what?? just give me the damn paper hostess lady so i can fill it out. is this a date we're making? i just want to apply- you know, like let you know of my existence? (now im scared theyre going to like throw me in a uniform and make me work to see if they want to hire me.) and ive never waited tables before sir. i kiiiinda just want to be a hostess. can we do that? or is there a seperate time table i'm going to have to apply in?

okay that whole sleep thing must be done now. boooo for being a productive part of society.


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