Thursday, February 02, 2006

this might be a waste of webspace

so i havent posted in a while for many reasons.

1. who really reads this anyway?
2. i lead a very boring life
3. i havent felt like writing
4. ive become obsessed with craftster
5. i havent really been going out so unless you want accounts of what i watched on TV i dont think you care.

so. i havent showered in 3 days. and thats gross. but the funny thing is i really dont smell. the bottom of my feet are like black but thats okay cause nobodys looking at that anyway.

ive become a movie addict lately since we discovered a blockbuster not too far away- and ive decided i have NO taste in movies. almost all of them entertain me. everyone around me can be itching to hit the eject button on the DVD player and i will just merrily watch away, ignoring the lack of a storyline or shitty acting. do i have bad movie taste or is everyone else really picky?

btw: i WANT this


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