Thursday, February 09, 2006

purple sea urchins and light bulbed valleys

why does it feel like all that was once right with the world is now based on the crazed ramblings of a left handed crack addict writing in crayon when you hear that an ex is getting married?

i mean you're over him- REALLY you are, its great he's getting married, yay doves and rice!
but still why does it feel so... icky?!

could it be because he had to get a last parting "i wanted you" shot in there at the last minute?
could it be the world feels a need to rub in your face that you will die a lonely old woman?
could it be a sign that the world is absolutely insane and you might as well join the hell in and run around in mismatched underwear and feather headdresses?

i'm sorry- maybe i shouldnt be flipping out about this, is it wrong that it bothers me and ive become incoherent and slightly crazy since hearing? oh well, its back to my heart attacks and self pity for now. so i'll see you later... probably with a good strong drink in hand for fortitude.


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