Monday, February 06, 2006

oh secret pal o' mine you are going to regret asking me about things i like.

yarn and books i like:
amazon wishlist
handspun yarn by the way this is just an example- i just googled. good gracious dont spend nearly this much on yarn- i'll get scared and never use it because of the intense pressure to knit something earthshattering.
a project set- a pattern and the right type of yarn to go with it ( i cant understand how to substitute and i sure as hell am not paying like 30 a skein to knit something im probably going to f-up)
ideas for patterns: i've had an intense yearning for a tunic-y shirt like this. or scroll down for the hepburn...
a minisweater-y thing like this- (maybe sans puffy sleeves- im scared how they would look on me)
remember. i suck. so nothing thats going to make me weep please.

if you want to knit something for me:
a wrap sweater, like kimono-style
or a ballet type tee...
oh and i really like cap sleeves... haha i'm a pain in the ass- lo siento.

i don't know what your knitting level is- don't worry about it if these patterns are hard- i'm just throwing stuff out there.

i'll add more if you'd like?


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