Saturday, February 18, 2006

i am loving brazil right about now

so ive decided im too lazy to write about dinner the other night

just imagine it was funny. and we ate a lot of meat while we laughed. and then after we all said we were going to throw up we decided that was a big fat lie and ate a lot of chocolate.

we went to one of our favorite restaurants here- its a churrascaria (means barbeque) where they take big slabs of beef and roast 'em up for a couple hours, (some of the huge chunks prominently twirling in the front window) and then many many gaucho-ed men walk around with sharp shiny knives and carve off pieces for you to slide onto your plate. right off the barbeque skewer. they bring it to you. are you grasping the wonderfulness of this?? its amazing. and theres a pasta bar where they have like 10 different kinds of pasta and almost anything you could want in your sauce (and NOT want- eggs?! ew??)

how are brazilians not obese? i think the american government has it written down somewhere, like on a post it or something, to not allow these glorious restaurants to take over the states because we're fat enough as it is. and i believe it reads as thus:

"hey prez- remember, no churrazkareeas allowed cuz americans r fat enuf."

also me and my mother discovered this amaaaazing district here where there are more clothing stores than you could possibly imagine. i cant explain. i need to take pictures. and i will. because the world needs to see. i bought pants that i wore today and destructo (my brother) got chocolate ice cream stickyness on, two shirts, a dress (WHY does my mother INSIST on pretending i'm a size larger than i really am?! is she calling me fat? is she blind? can she not estimate as well as she used to in her growing years? does she think i dress like a whore by mistake?) which is too big (especially in the bitty titty area) but i'll deal, and earrings.

i was a little overwhelmed or i would have bought more.

i'll update later because im going to watch the longest yard.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

mmmm meat

tonight was quite possibly one of the funniest family dinners i have ever had.

and i'm pretty sure i ate an entire large cow's left flank. and it was DELICIOUS.

but i have to wake up in 7 hours and thats approximately 3 less than i usually require so goodnight for now : )

in lieu of listening to me talk about how i spent my night laughing, gnawing on ol' bessie's hindquarters and stealing little shot mugs/glasses things from the restaurant we were at... here are some links to entertain you.

help me find myself - do this por favor

project spectrum!
if you're part of this and are somehow reading my blog- say hi!! so i can keep an eye on your blog and check it out!

boa noite!

Monday, February 13, 2006

"i feel like tony the tiger- they're grrrrrrreat!"

i just had a good long conversation with my friend about semen.

and earlier i told my mother that i would rather rip out my eyeballs and run screaming than eat dinner with the family.

i think its safe to say that i'm a little off today... so i'm heading to bed before i go completely apeshit and try to like eat people kidney's or something.

on another note- my impending departure from brazil is wavering under the results of the "rip out my eyeballs" conversation with my mother. so maybe i'm here for longer- maybe i'm outta this joint. too soon to tell!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

purple sea urchins and light bulbed valleys

why does it feel like all that was once right with the world is now based on the crazed ramblings of a left handed crack addict writing in crayon when you hear that an ex is getting married?

i mean you're over him- REALLY you are, its great he's getting married, yay doves and rice!
but still why does it feel so... icky?!

could it be because he had to get a last parting "i wanted you" shot in there at the last minute?
could it be the world feels a need to rub in your face that you will die a lonely old woman?
could it be a sign that the world is absolutely insane and you might as well join the hell in and run around in mismatched underwear and feather headdresses?

i'm sorry- maybe i shouldnt be flipping out about this, is it wrong that it bothers me and ive become incoherent and slightly crazy since hearing? oh well, its back to my heart attacks and self pity for now. so i'll see you later... probably with a good strong drink in hand for fortitude.

Monday, February 06, 2006

oh secret pal o' mine you are going to regret asking me about things i like.

yarn and books i like:
amazon wishlist
handspun yarn by the way this is just an example- i just googled. good gracious dont spend nearly this much on yarn- i'll get scared and never use it because of the intense pressure to knit something earthshattering.
a project set- a pattern and the right type of yarn to go with it ( i cant understand how to substitute and i sure as hell am not paying like 30 a skein to knit something im probably going to f-up)
ideas for patterns: i've had an intense yearning for a tunic-y shirt like this. or scroll down for the hepburn...
a minisweater-y thing like this- (maybe sans puffy sleeves- im scared how they would look on me)
remember. i suck. so nothing thats going to make me weep please.

if you want to knit something for me:
a wrap sweater, like kimono-style
or a ballet type tee...
oh and i really like cap sleeves... haha i'm a pain in the ass- lo siento.

i don't know what your knitting level is- don't worry about it if these patterns are hard- i'm just throwing stuff out there.

i'll add more if you'd like?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

this might be a waste of webspace

so i havent posted in a while for many reasons.

1. who really reads this anyway?
2. i lead a very boring life
3. i havent felt like writing
4. ive become obsessed with craftster
5. i havent really been going out so unless you want accounts of what i watched on TV i dont think you care.

so. i havent showered in 3 days. and thats gross. but the funny thing is i really dont smell. the bottom of my feet are like black but thats okay cause nobodys looking at that anyway.

ive become a movie addict lately since we discovered a blockbuster not too far away- and ive decided i have NO taste in movies. almost all of them entertain me. everyone around me can be itching to hit the eject button on the DVD player and i will just merrily watch away, ignoring the lack of a storyline or shitty acting. do i have bad movie taste or is everyone else really picky?

btw: i WANT this