Monday, January 09, 2006

secret pal seven questionnaire!!

so i've joined in on this thing called the secret pal seven and it's this amazing amazing swapping dealie that i am SO PUMPED to join in on. so if you aren't my pal this is going to be really boring. sorry. suck it up. i'll write something interesting tomorrow. if i feel like it : P

and to my secret pal: let's be friends ; ) yes. i am cheesy like that. i'm 19, crazy all over the place and i'm really thankful i get to take part in this! some words i wrestled out of my friends that describe my style: eclectic * ethnic * simple * bohemian * sexy * casual * fun

1. i am not a yarn snob at all! in fact- i think the nicer yarns scare me a little bit because then i feel pressure to make something amazing with it! fully acrylic is cool to practice on but i like stuff with at least something else blended in. but those really pretty recycled sari yarns look kickass.

2. no to both spinning and crocheting.

3. storage? please define as i don't think such technique has ever been employed in my life... i like to think i work on a sort of, ordered chaos system. key words: i like to think

4. i taught myself last summer and have finished TWO scarves. i suck. so i'd classify myself as.... shitty beginner. yes i realize that wasnt one of the options but i figured it'd be better if i elaborated a little more.

5. i do not have a wish list. although now i really want to make one. so i might. soon.

6. mmmm vanilla. i also like tropical scents- like beachy or coconut-y ones.

7. unfortunately for my hips, i have a little bit more than A sweet tooth. so favorite candy? i dont know, there are so many!! i like things like chocolate covered almonds, coconut or dark chocolate. and fruity stuff ( just ixnay on the herrychay ) ...or if you want to keep me in the size i wear- i have this obsession with this asian rice cracker mix.... and i CANNOT find it.

8. scrapbooking and beading are the only other crafts i actually have done with some degree of skill- but i'm trying to teach myself bookbinding ( i bought a book to get instructions, now i need to go get supplies ), i want to try quilting when i get my sewing machine back from the states, and i have a feeling furniture reconstruction is going to be a big endeavor when i start attempting to live on my own on a SMALLLLLLLLLL budget when i move to georgia.

9. as long as i can learn the words and sing along to a song i'm pretty much happy. just NOT classical. otherwise i will HAPPILY listen to it and most likely jam out to it in the shower : ) i love finding out about new bands or singers.

10. i love bright tropical colors- hot pink, turquoise and bright orange are my favorites. close second: black and white ( and sometimes red ) together. i really dont like jewel tones- you know like emerald green and deep burgundy and- blech.

11. family situation= craziness. my parents are living in brazil with my precious baby brother, and i'm moving in with my beloved aunt in atlanta. no pets- my former cat now belongs to my bestest friend, sammy jane

12. scarves every once in a while ( although i probably won't need them much in atlanta right? ), mittens not really- i like having my fingers seperate thank you, and i dont know if ponchos are really my thang actually. shawls are cute though.

13. i really havent been knitting that long so i dont have favorite yarns. is that not like the most unhelpful answer ever?? okay here- i don't really think i like eyelash yarn.

14. did i just answer that? does eyelash yarn count? i don't know.

15. learning how to do something BESIDES knit and purl... so i guess my current compulsion is finding patterns that i can do that arent scarves but aren't going to make me cry in frustration

16. tote bags- cause its as easy as a scarf but a little more useful

17. haha a tote bag. good gracious i sound like a knitting asshole. i'm a lot more interesting! i swear!!

18. YES handmade gifts are the BEST- there is nothing better in the world than getting a gift that shows someone really thought about what you like- even if it's the tiniest thing ever. i'd much rather get a homemade card than some expensive thing that very obviously was one of those oh-shit-what-the-hell-do-i-get-her presents.

19. circular needles make me want to hide behind my mothers skirts ( if she wore skirts ) so STRAIGHT

20. mmm bamboo.

21. no yarn winder or swift. not at all. thats a loooong way off.

22. i taught myself to knit off a website and a really old needlecraft book my grandma had hanging around

23. well... considering i haven't been knitting long? i'd say a year?

24. favorite animated character... THE SNORKS OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM. and all those old cartoons- he man and she-ra! i have a he-man blanket that i cherish like an old friend. hmm i'm really actually a huge cartoon dork so there's a monstrous list.... but for now i'll add on the ninja turtles, belle from beauty and the beast and kita from atlantis aaaand i think that makes me look pretty dorky enough for now dontcha think? and i really love dolphins. but non cheesy dolphins. does that make sense?

25. my favorite holiday... i'm pretty fond of halloween, the thanksgiving food is nice, christmas is always fun, boo to new years, valentine's day makes me depressed, i dont eat eggs so easter isn't really appealing, ummm which ones did i miss? i mean really all holidays are cool in their own way. I CAN'T DECIDE. make me feel better about being painfully perpetually single if you want to pick one.

26. haha do shoes count? i'm in love with stars- like regular five pointed ones. and i really like zodiac signs and tarot cards and gypsies. oh and i really love the feel of places like spain, india, the amazon, the caribbean, the mediterranean- lush exotic beautiful places like that. i really like art- a la kurt halsey and fafinette. and i like photographs- like taking them, hanging them up, all that good stuff.

27. no knitting magazine subscriptions- i'm never really interested in more than half the patterns so i dont really bother anymore.

28. honestly- if my pal thinks there is some type of yarn, or a cool pattern, or a really good book ( besides stitch and bitch i'm working on that one ) or needles that would help- i would much rather take their oh so much better informed advice. i'm really simple actually.

29. i do want to eventually be able to use circulars, and i want to learn to do increases and decreases and yarn overs and all those common pattern techniques so i can move on from rectangles.

30. i am not a sock knitter at all. and i am actually a semi- hippie who loves being barefoot. so i dont know my sock measurements. and i dont see myself hunting for a tape measurer because well... i'm lazy.

31. october 6th

32. i am not allergic to anything

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS!! i hope i'm not too much of a pain in the ass and i will hopefully learn a lot about knitting from you whoever you are secret pal o' mine : )

<3 laur


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