Thursday, January 12, 2006

the search for yarn: part 1

does anybody in this country knit??

i mean i understand it's hot a lot of the time but there IS a winter ( it only gets to around 30 degrees but thats still cold ) and knitting IS a craft where it doesn't just have to be cold, and WHY can i not find yarn that's not acrylic or 5 million dollars??

i finally, ( after one huge scary overwhelming street and i think three malls? ) was ready to give up and go to a hardware store and whittle my own when we found a store that sold stuff. so i bought myself some shitty plastic ones that are a good enough size to start knitting with my ribbon-y yarn. honestly i wish i knew what this stuff was its really kick-ass- but it's made by this random company called sonho by pinguin. i looked up the website but it made me really mad because it didn't have any sort of info on the yarn they sell.

we went to 25 de marco ( that c is supposed to have one of those little dangly accents at the bottom but i don't know how to type it... ) the other day and oh. my. goodness...

it's this street in downtown sao paolo that is seriously PACKED with stores. imagine one day everyone who goes to go shopping in manhattan can ONLY shop within greenwich village so they ALL go. that's how many people were there. at one point we looked down a side street and you couldn't see the actual street because all you saw were heads and tshirts. the bead stores were GINORMOUS ( and kind of expensive- some stores you couldn't even buy from them unless you spent a minimum of 130R... which is like 65 american ) and there are rows and rows of vendors on the sidewalk ( sometimes they're even two deep ) and it was CHAOS. we didn't even go all the way down the street or into any of the side streets.

add to this a 90 degree weather day, forgetting to put on deoderant in the morning, not knowing the language so not knowing what the hell you're buying or what the people in the stores are asking you ( you know that game you play when you don't know too much of a language and someone is speaking at light speed? the one where you're like HEY! I JUST HEARD THE WORD 'AND'... OOH OOH THERE WENT 'TIME'! )

oh, and i almost forgot... EIGHT MILLION BRAZILIANS ALL TRYING TO SHOP IN THE SAME STREET. i don't know if you know about my slight claustrophobia but i definitely noticed the warning signs of a heart attack.

eventually i gave up and said, "hey street. as cool as your stuff is? and as much as i'd like to support your country's commerce? fuck this human salmon swim- i'm out."
well i didn't really say that but i felt like it.

so that was a bust. i bought ummm like three beads. for what you ask? i don't know. they were cheap and i felt the need to buy something. am i the only one who does that? you just REFUSE to leave without some sort of trophy?

i got my secret pal matches the other day! i am SUCH a dork i was so excited when i saw i had an e-mail from the person who has me. she seems really nice and i can't wait for this to get started. i think i intimidated her with my extreme nomad lifestyle right now... considering i have like 20 residences ; ) and my match should be really easy to buy for- she was very specific in what she likes and doesn't like so i don't have to worry too much.

okay there's this crazy lady over in the living room WHO IS POSITIVELY ON my back about me playing trivial pursuit. which considering i wasn't ALIVE for half of the events i think is going to be a liiiiiiittle unfair in terms of playing levels.


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