Friday, January 20, 2006

i went on a glorious vacation to maresias beach this past week.
because i'm too lazy to do an essay type deal...

the good:

* spent 5 solid days either sitting on the beach or by the pool doing a various assortment of reading, writing, taking pictures, playing with mateo, swimming in the ocean or pool or staring at hot men

* got a kickass tan

* i saw a real life sloth- they're cute!!

* made friends with a really cool girl from the hotel- hi simone!! and went to a luau. it was honestly one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. imagine sitting on a beautiful beach in brazil at night with a palm tree bonfire nearby and listening to cute brazilian boys play the guitar and sing songs you dont understand but couldnt care less because they still kick ass... mmmmmm

the bad:

* my nose is now peeling

* i was too busy lazing my ass around to actually really explore anything like i really wanted to

the ugly:

* i got either food poisoning or some horrific stomach bug when we went to the amazingly gorgeous ilhabela and subsequently spent the whole day NOT enjoying the scenery or going on the waterfall hike like i wanted but instead either regurgitating anything that touched my lips or avoiding horizontal activities in case my head fell off.
imagine swimming in the ocean to maybe cool your feverish body down and then realizing that your fettucini com manteca is going to be feeding the marine life in about oh... NOW. and then you turn around to hide your vomiting from the frolicking beach goers because really who wants to be known as that american girl who grossed up the water? ... and then a wave comes.

so thats whats going on right about now. everyones back at school and it kind of makes me wish i was there. and then i think of homework. and how its cold there. and how i'd have to get off my ass and actually like go places and work and pay for myself. and i shudder and hug anything nearby thats brazilian because THANK GOD I CAN STILL BE A PRINCESS AND SIT ON MY ASS AND MAKE NO CONTRIBUTION TO ANYTHING!!

whew. almost remembered i'm going to have to go back and get a JOB and go to SCHOOL and be RESPONSIBLE sometime soon. now i've got to go get a coconut drink or eat a mango or something quick...


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