Monday, December 26, 2005

what i think so far

so i'm here!


i really don't know what to write. i haven't really been outside much. i feel like rapunzel to be honest. i can't go out unless its a big expedition with the whole family and then i cant even roll down the windows, walk around or even speak english. i get driven practically TO the door of places and someone guides me to the door. its kind of cool in a "i feel like a princess" sort of way but a tad stifling at the same time. i have a feeling pretty soon its going to get old. i saw a wall the other day that was graffitied with the phrase "city of fear" and i think that sums it up. theres always somewhere or something that is so dangerous you shouldn't even THINK of doing it. which is sad because it would be awesome to be able to explore.

but the apartment is gorgeous. so if you're going to be a caged bird the cage might as well be swanky huh?

brazil itself is gorgeous. its like this crazy mix of raw exotic i don't know earth mixed with gritty city. its hard to describe.

and its SO weird not speaking portuguese. its especially weird because i can sort of understand some words if i read them or someone speaks really slowly but its so close and yet so far from spanish that it confuses me. i keep trying to fit meanings with english or a pronunciation with spanish and end up horribly off. so far i've been sticking with sim, nao ciao ciao and obrigado haha cause those are easy enough.

but going to bed. i miss everyone i said i would miss more than i thought i would.


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