Monday, December 26, 2005

plane post from 12.23/ 12.24

so i'm sitting on an american airlines flight almost to brazil and i've already watched all the CSI episodes they have, worn out my playstation batteries, and finished reading my book. there's too much turbulence to play snood properly, so typing is the next best thing i can do on my laptop. hopefully i won't pop off any more keys from this piece of crap. i'm going to include the songs i'm listening to as they change cause its fun and you want to know. shutup. humor me. i'm bored.

song: gone going- black eyed peas

hmm looks like we're currently flying over venezuela- caracas it says on the little mini map diorama thing. i feel like a dirty traveler and i'm sure i look like some beast from the amazon. i need a shower and a good meal like nobody's business. 4 hours to go before i can introduce my greasy, sleep deprived face to brazil.

but i keep reminding myself its okay because it's almost christmas and i'll get there soon enough! my plan for christmas day includes eating a huge breakfast as per family tradition then opening stuff and this year i'm going to either take a really nice long soak in my jacuzzi tub (be jealous because really that's absolutely my intention) or a leisurely swim. maybe both.

song: hands down- dashboard confessional

what the fuck? is this plane climbing up and down mountains? i have to pee slightly badly but this plane is so huge i don't know where the thing is and i don't want to look like an idiot wandering the dark aisles looking for it. it doesnt help that we're bouncing around...
wow. this is going to be really long and irrational i can tell already. i apologize in advance... i'll try and bold parts that are actually useful in life whichever ones pop up. what was that random fact i learned today? damn i told myself to remember it too! maybe it'll come to me later. it was a good one too. like one of those semi useful things that actually happens not like those stupid snapple facts.

song: harder to breathe- maroon 5

oh. apparently the bathroom is approximately one seat in front of me. i'm still too lazy to get up and use it.
there was pasta for dinner (they DO still serve dinner hallelujah or i would have probably eaten the baby in the seat next to me to ensure my survival through the flight) and it was actually really good- i have a sick weakness for airplane lasagna i do NOT know why. its SO DAMN GOOD! they should sell it in supermarkets. i'd buy it.

song: drops of jupiter- train

i was being a smart ass but apparently we really *are* flying over mountains. again, this is all based on a little computer animated plane that shows on my tv monitor. its 5:30 there, 2:30 in miami, we have 4 and a half hours left of flight time, we're cruising along at a 11277 meter altitude, well not really cruising- we're gunning around 857 km/hr... what other random ass facts did you want to know. oh? you're really not particularly interested? fine.

song: jesus walks- kanye west

i think the stewardesses and stewards (what the hell do you call them?) thought i was brazilian at first because they kept talking to me in portuguese and gave me some little slip that is entirely in portuguese. so far i have deciphered its got something to do with my carry on luggage. i think i have to claim it or something like with checked baggage really i have no idea, i should just ask for an english one but thats far too easy.

song: i think we're alone now- tiffany (i'm not picking these by the way, this is purely shuffle magic)

its kind of annoying how USELESS my passport was. the lady at the gate glanced at it ONCE. if its such a pain in the ass to get it should be a more integral part of my traveling experience. like just randomly ask to see it or SOMEthing so i feel like its at least a tiny bit necessary and not something some weirdo can print up on his dell and sneak in and out of countries with.

i'm not even over brazil yet. i have lost free reign of my leg muscles. i think they're back in the US where they dont have to stay still for decades. yep. and my ass has officially left.

song: i'm real- j.lo and ja rule

so i spent a lot of money on a playstation portable. its beautiful and i'm excited to be able to get a bunch of games and all to play with it but i am BROKE, WHY do i buy pretty little gadgets when i don't have expendable funds? cause i'm an asshole thats why. this is going to hurt when i want to buy pretty things from brasil and i cannot do so... OMG the person in front of me moved their chair totally back and i am now typing with my elbows. LANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEE. how are people sleeping? how do you sleep in a chair like its all comfy and snuggly? i am not capable of sleeping with my feet on the ground i don't know why. as long as i have room to put my feet up its all okay. I REMEMBERED THE FACT! the 's' sound is the most likely sound to be overheard when you're whispering. so if you dont want someone to over hear you then don't use the letter s.

song: a decade under the influence- taking back sunday

this turbulence is starting to flip me out. i'd much prefer it to stop. i'm going to stop looking at the screen in the hopes that maybe it'll slow down and i wont have a headache.

song: torture me- metric (quite fitting right about now)
song: get it together- midtown (that might be a sign)

the urge to use the bathroom has withered away which is good. my legs and behind have ceased to participate in that whole blood circulation thing which is not so good. i'm jealous of the guy sitting next to me cause he's sleeping and i'm so not. ooooh we're passing over the amazonas soon. oh amazon how i long to explore thee and sleep in treehouses and make friends with toucans and monkeys... honestly i told the padres thats all i wanted for christmas. i was like just pay for me to visit the amazon and i will be happy. but last time i talked to my mom she said that they bought me presents. so i'm guessing my dream was shut down.

song: back to you (acoustic)- john mayer

took a snood break since the turbulence is gone.

song: dry spell- pepper

okay i'm going to have to turn of the computer now too because its betraying me piece of crap and telling me i all of a sudden only have half battery life when i JUST HAD 70 percent. i actually hate technology.

song: hey ya!- outkast (good song to leave on)


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