Sunday, December 11, 2005

i love mateo

so im sitting here in the midst of all my half packed crap listening to this amazing amazing song called breathe by anna nalick and looking at my pictures...

and not to be sappy but holy shit i seriously love a lot of people a LOT. like more than... law and order love. YES GUYS, THAT serious. i won't go into lovefests about everyone 'cause well, i'm lazy.

but mateo is definitely number one.

i was looking at pictures of my potato and he is one of the most beautiful children i have ever seen. and i'm not just saying that because i'm his big sister... he is. you're jealous. he should be pimping out baby gap scarves and paying for his lovely sister's slow painful crawl through college.

really though it's weird, for a little creature whose creation announcement caused me to run and slam the door and then bawl uncontrollably in the shower about my dethronement as only child/ reining family princess (he's lucky he was a boy or it REALLY wouldn't have been pretty), i really do love this little boy more than i thought was possible. i don't even want to think how besotted i might be whenever i decide to make one of my very own.

it's crazy though- kids are like those weird chia pet things. how do they grow before your eyes like that?!? sprinkle them with cheerios and apple juice and next thing you know they're talking and like having opinions and stuff. i feel like one day he was drinking that gross fake milk stuff from a bottle and the next day he's stealing my dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets like mom bought them for the TODDLER in the house or something.

i can't wait to be able to spend time with him again. he's the only one in my family who understands the true beauty of burping really loud and then laughing like a maniac. i know that we're going to be best friends me and that boy. i'm sure i'll drive him nuts being a second mom- i'll try to be the cool sister type, even though i'm not really going to buy him and his friends beer for their 8th grade dances. but i figure life is so much more fun when my mom thinks that was serious...

but i do hope i can teach him some useful things and that i don't end up one of those family members he hates going to visit because i make him watch the boring educational shows and talk about what colleges he's thinking about while he's still a freshman...

oh well i still have time before he's worried about the booze and boobs- so for now i'll worry about perfecting the flying superman game and keeping him away from my damn stegosaurus shaped nuggets.

i've got to admit that his glasses beat the pants off mine...


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