Monday, December 05, 2005


i love my roommates. sometimes you would think we could not be more different, in all aspects- sizes, looks, ethnicities, backgrounds, tastes in music, fashion sense (or lack thereof on my part), boys, food preferences (ew kristin, macaroni and cheese and tuna were NOT meant to cohabitate)... but really i honestly wouldn't want to live with anyone else.

from crying over stupid boys, more than enough homework, pain in the ass parents, or too short haircuts;
screaming over the blue screen of death and other computer problems, the perpetually dirty bathrooms, or boys not giving us enough attention;
fighting over the TV channels or music selections, my clothes being all over the floor, who gets to sit on kristin's bed (oh it's never kristin);
playing guess who's calling cassie, how long is it going to take kristin to scream at cassie for gyrating her belly on her, or which body part did lauren just crack;
laughing about adult swim cartoons, kristin is a lesbian jokes, cassie trying to get onto her huge ass bed, everything and anything.

yeah we have our great nights drinking and clubbing and partying and all that but its really the little parts that i'm going to miss the most. because there arent enough words to explain how great it is to wake up to cassie trying to get me to health, or kristin's 1 million decibel phone alarms. or how much i love falling asleep to our naming of our boyfriend pillows for the night (right now i think johnny depp is dominating in my bed...), or cassie screaming at demo, which we've learned to actually enjoy at times.

no alcohol needed in this room (although its still a welcome visitor)- we do the stupidest things just for the hell of it- we've even inspired a game of "guess if it's kristin or lauren laughing" in our suite.

sometimes people pick people who they get along with well with to live with- i picked two people who i love more than anything. and even though i won't get to be with them through all the lunch trips and late night munchies- i'll be there for all the important parts and i'll love them like all hell.

besides i'm going to have to leave some of my stuff in the room so i'll see them again eventually.


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