Monday, November 14, 2005

why i am a nerd

so i'm actually doing this for a reason- i don't know if i'm going to be as easy to get in touch with everyone and i want to be able to share all the stuff i'm going to see and do and learn and mess up and kick ass at with the people i would normally share those daily parts of my life with.

i know its not the same but it makes me feel better that i'll be able to show you at least some of what i'll be doing.

i know i know i'm starting it early- i'm not leaving for like a month.

and wait this is really vague isn't it?

okay so hey. i'm having a little "quarter life crisis" and i've decided to take a break from school and go live in brazil with my parents. i don't feel like explaining the whole inspiration behind it right now but basically i'm unhappy with where things are at. so i've decided to stop torturing myself and do what i want to do. it's my life right?

so i'm going. and it should be interesting.